Teambuilding - Activity Proposal

Wine tasting
Get a wonderful tasting of your choice, served in Broholm's cozy rooms
The theme of the wine tasting will be composed by Kenneth Birler, and will offer a thorough review and tasting of selected wines.

Duration:1-1½ hour
Price per person:DKK 375.- and upwards depending on choice of wine
Number of participants:From 1 – 50 persons

Cook for a few hours
Be a cook for a few hours and take part in the preparations for your dinner in Broholm's kitchen.
See - smell - taste some of the glorious Funen raw ingredients and learn some cool kitchen tricks of our talented team of chefs.

Duration:2-2½ hour
Total price:DKK: 3.000.- max 10 people
DKK: 5.000.- max 20 people

Historical tour of Broholm
Every room at Broholm tells its own story through numerous portraits - painted from 1600 until the mid 1900s - showing members of the Skeel family and the sehested family. The furniture, the floors and panels speak clearly about centurie's manor house life - in times of peace as well as war - with agriculture, industry, politics and community development.

Duration:1-1½ hour
Price of tour DKK.: 110,00 per person
Price of tour incl. coffee, tea and Broholm's freshly baked cake DKK.: 155,00 per person

Guided tours for groups with less than 20 people: price DKK 2.200,00

Have a game of croquet in Broholm's beautiful park
Duration:ca. 1½ hour
Total price:DKK. 75,- 6 persons

Enjoy a picnic basket full of goodies in the old pavilion.
Picnic basket with white tablecloth, china and one of the following delicious combinations or whatever you want:
• Good fresh brewed coffee or tea with luxury chocolates price DKK 80.- per person
• Champagne with fresh fruit and marzipan ring cake price DKK 135.- per person
• Good local beer with homemade salty snacks price DKK 95.- per person

Participants compete in archery. Participants get a thorough instruction in the discipline and will shoot at different distances from 6-12 meters. If there are more participants, then the discipline can be organized with a competitive element.

Duration:1-2 hours
Total Price:DKR: 4.550,- excl. VAT
Number of participants:From 1 – 10 persons

Climbing wall
It establishes one of the world's largest mobile climbing walls. The climbing wall is 8 meters high and mounted on a trailer. The climbing wall is put up at Broholm Castle. Director and equipment included. Approved by the Technological Institute and insured.
The climbing wall allows 5 people to be active at the same time on different routes. If desired, the instructor teach climbing, so that the activity will also have an educational value.

Duration:1-2 hours
Total price:DKK 9.995,- excl. VAT
Number of participants:From 1 – 10 persons

Clay pigeon shooting
Clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic experience for most. The sense of accuracy and responsiveness provide a good experience for the participants. We set up clay pigeon wagon and provide a trained instructor to guide and mentor the participants. If there are more participants the shooting can be arranged as a competition. The event takes place near Broholm.

Duration:1-2 hours
Total price DKK: 9.100,- excl. VAT
Number of participants: From 1 – 20 persons

Falconer Show
Experience the ancient falconry sport firsthand, how falcons, display their skills. The show takes place outdoors and is accompanied by instructive explanations for training work.

Duration:1-1½ hour
Total price: DKK: 4.500,- excl. VAT
Number of participants: From 1 – 75 persons

A climbing park with challenge and fun for everyone
"Gorilla Park" near Svendborg consists of more than 2.7 km obstacle courses with over 100 climbing elements in the treetops in 1-20 meters. Here you get the chance to play around and are guaranteed Denmark's most authentic gorilla experience. Apart from regular climbing, we also offer a range of events.

Duration:1½ - 4 hours
Number of participants: From 1 – 30 persons
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Other proposals could be:
Casino - Blackjack and Roulette - price by agreement
Carriage rides – can be arranged with Niels Erik Nielsen , Gudme, tel 24 48 62 39.
Murder of The Mystery - price by agreement
Flowers Workshop for ladies and wine tasting for Men - price by agreement