The park and the fairy-tale track

Through the ages Broholm garden and park facilities, not only created a beautiful setting on the old manor, but also allowed a lot of outdoor activities for Sehested genus. There were tennis and bowling alley, here it was easy to find a peaceful spot where you could sit with your fishing rod. Here you could also sit in peace at the lake in the small pavilion, where there was often served afternoon tea.
Storm damage, elm-disease and a certain maturity has been hard on the old garden, but a renovation of the garden architect C. Th. Sorensen's thoughts and ideas from the 1950s began, so that Broholm guests can again welcome the old beautiful solitary trees, the historic memorial pillars, carp ponds, orangery, - indeed everything that characterizes a beautiful manor house garden.
The fairy-tale track leads you through the Old English inspired park with canals and islets. The park from the mid-1800s was an open romantic garden with few trees, as it also served as a grazing area for the castle's many cattle. Now the park is overgrown and an exciting natural forest with both young and dead trees create a wilderness, with a great diversity of fauna and flora.
Remember proper footwear in form of boots on your way around the Fairy-Tale Track.
On your approx. 2 km route through the fairy-tale track, you will find "Hvileskoven" (rest among trees) and "Kærlighedsparken" (the park of love) developed by Jeanett Exner. The idea here has been exclusively using natural materials and to follow nature's own declaration of shape and direction.