H.C. Andersen & Broholm Castle

Excerpts from historian Jens Jørgensen's book on H.C. Andersen. The book gave rise to the greatest literary feud of the century and created renewed interest in Andersen and his fairy tales.

There are features in Hans Christian Andersen's memories that can point to Broholm as his birthplace.
As mentioned earlier H.C. Andersen spent a long period of his life at Broholm - without mentioning it with a word in the "The Fairy tale of my Life".
The mistress of the house at Broholm Castle in 1812 was called Edele Marie Sehested. She was daughter of a deacon from Marslev - exactly the home where Anne Marie daugther of Anders served for several years.
As I have demonstrated, there is demonstrably a connection even a good relationship between H.C. Andersen's mother and Edele Marie Sehested. Furthermore, there is a close contact between Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and Sehested. It is therefore absolutely reasonable that the family from the village Tranekær at Langeland let the daughter Elise give birth to her child on the Funen Broholm.
And there is consistency in the fact that the child was entrusted to Broholm's acquaintances, laundress Anne Marie daughter of Anders.
Some people have addressed me on this occasion. Two of them have a direct family connection with the relations at Broholm.
Elise Ahlefeldtsgade-Laurvig's name is not mentioned in their reports. In return, they tell very accurately, that according to oral tradition a boy was born at Broholm Castle in 1805, to whom the later Christian the 8th was the father.

By Jens Jørgensen, author to among others H.C. Andersen - a true myth, and H.C. Andersen's "Memories"