Frequently asked questions

Who is the team at Broholm Castle?
Kenneth Birler is the manager of Broholm Castle
Kim Rødsgaard is in charge of the kitchen

When can you visit Broholm?
Broholm is open all year around

Who are the owner of Broholm Estate?
Anders Sehested is the 13. generation of Broholm Estate

How much land belongs to Broholm Estate?
565 hectares. Including 300 hectares forest, 240 hectares agricultural and 25 hectares other.

How many people can you stay at Broholm?
Broholm has 19 charming double rooms divided among 16 double rooms in the castle and 3 double rooms in the old Watermill. There are good opportunities for extra beds in several rooms. So with a bit of good will you can stay 40-48 people

Can you stay at Broholm as a Bed & Breakfast guest?
"The Old Watermill" at Broholm is the perfect Bed & Breakfast accommodation.
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Does Broholm have conference facilities?
Broholm - the perfect meeting with the past and the future
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How large parties can Broholm accommodate?
Broholm offers beautiful and historic banquet rooms for parties varying between 12-100 people
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Is Broholm handicap accessible?
Unfortunately, we must say no - not completely
Broholm's beautiful old buildings with level differences provide some challenges, but does definately not make it impossible to visit Broholm. We are very happy to help.
Broholm has one big handicap friendly, charming double room.
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