Broholm Apple

Broholm can also boast of the Broholm apple, also called Broholm Rose apple, which grows in meadows and in the park near the main building.

The apple comes from Broholm, where its mother tree stood in the park, and was first noticed by fruit exhibition in Copenhagen Garden of cultivation promotion in 1866.

It is a rather small dining apple, which - despite its small size - is very juicy. The tree grows weak and with age it becomes quite openly with a broad and rigid crown. In the beginning, it is grass green, but later it becomes green/yellow and white/yellow, sunny side regularly striped with pink and yellowish pink
Visit "Aqua Vitae Sydfyn"
"Aqua Vitae Sydfyn" took the first faltering steps in the summer of 2005 with initial inquiries to the authorities about the possibility of establishing a micro-distillery. Many public bodies are involved in this matter, but in the autumn of 2006 the last licenses were in place and the distillery could begin. The first distillery in Denmark with a fruit brandy production of Eau-de-Vie type.

"Aqua Vitae" uses the Broholm Apple for it's unique apple brandy.
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