Visit the Chamberlain's stone collection at Broholm

As Lord Chamberlain died in 1882, died the archaeological activities at Broholm with him. In 1938 Fyn Stiftsmuseum bought all Broholm-museum Bronze and Iron Age Fund, while Stone Collection slept Sleeping Beauty Sleeping until Birgitte Sehested Grice in 1999 on condition that the museum should remain at Broholm transferred the building and collections for Svendborg Museum, which now has responsibility for this rich , local heritage conservation and to make it available to interested groups.

If you are guest at Broholm Castle we are happy to open up the exhibition,
Further requests in the reception or ask one of the waiters.

For guided tours at The Stone Age Museum apply:

Meeting point: The parking space
Price, payed on the day:
Tour at The Stone Age Museum: Dkr 30
Tour at The Stone Age Museum and the castle: Dkr 50
For members of Svendborg Museum association it's free.
More information: Svendborg Museum Tel 6221 0261

Ordering lunch / coffee etc. is achieved by
request to Broholm Castle: Tel 62 25 10 55 /
advance booking required