An active stay at Broholm Castle with Play & Fun

The beautiful archipelago
In the archipelago you will find a wealth of opportunities. Enjoy child-friendly beaches, old wooden boats, lovely marinas, sea kayaking, surfing and diving. The beautiful Archipelago-track offers miles of hiking trails and the area has several nice riding and cycling routes
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The Gorilla Park, Svendborg
A climbing park with challenge and fun for everyone.
Imagine yourself as a playful gorilla in the jungle vines and feel the excitement! In the Gorilla Park this comes true. The fun and challenging obstacles in the treetops allows you to "let loose your inner gorilla"! Forget about inhibitions and fear of heights - just throw yourself into it and trust yourself, your strength and your courage.
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Naturama in Svendborg
Naturama tells the natural history in a new way. By using modern technology the most advanced natural history museum in Northern Europe has been created. Animals and birds at sea, on land and in the air is staged in a natural theater with changing light, advanced audio, beautiful movies and pictures.
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