Activities in and around Broholm.

Broholm offers many unique experiences for every occasion .....

Chamberlain N.F.B. Sehesteds Stone Collection
Visit the collection with more than 60,000 antiquities at Broholm
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Have a game of croquet in Broholm's beautiful park
Croquet is a very popular outdoor game that was mostly played at the turn of a century. It was mainly played by women and elderly. Modern Croquet is not the same. The game does not require the physical performance, but in turn requires a good eye and a steady hand. Modern croquet has so many fine variations and finesses that it requires a lot of attention from it's practitioners. A driven croquet player can put his opponents to the test.

Lovely beaches
With only 4 km. to "Lundeborg", there is no excuse not to enjoy a fresh morning swim. Lundeborg is a nice little port - with lovely sandy beaches and a great ice cream place.
Also visit "Lundeborg Pakhus"
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The Fairy Tale-Track around Broholm Castle
Take a walk on the Fairy Tale Track with channels and islets at Broholm
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The anglers have good opportunities around Broholm Castle.
Most of the year trout and flatfish can be caught from the many Funen shores. In the moat and lake at Broholm Castle it's possible to fish for pike and carp by appointment.
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Horseback riding at Broholm Castle
For horse enthusiasts there is opportunity to enjoy the nature around Broholm on horse.
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The estate rents out a variety of hunting land with fallow deer, roe deer, ducks, pheasants and other small game.
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Other activities close to Broholm Castle

In addition to the many experiences at Broholm, there is ample opportunity to visit the many Funen Castles & Manor Houses each with their own characteristics and special exhibits have a history to tell - both to children and adults.
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Or visit one of the fantastic Funen painting exhibitions and art collections
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Or challenge your self physically with fun play & exercise
The south of Funen is full of challenges such as hiking in the Archipelago Trail, bike trails, kayaking and boat trips in the South Funen Archipelago, see Funen from the sea, climbing park, etc., etc.
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